September 16 , 2004: Get outta my house

Another completely listless after-work ride on the Hoo-E, but a ride nonetheless. Ran a backside EG, but hit some heavy pampas grass in one of the hardest parts of the Crack and got stopped cold. From there I flipped a Fitz into Moss Beach County (MBC) up onto Carlos Road, into McNee, and out to the Gray Whale Trail (GWT).

On the GWT, I encountered some interlopers: a couple of out-of-shape duffers on decent bikes clogging up my GWT. They had just turned onto the start of it when I came up behind them and I was faced with the choice of either being kind of a dick and passing them on the narrow trail or riding behind them at their pace. I ended up doing the latter, and it was kind of weird because we never said a word to each other, though we did make non-acknowledging eye contact. So I just followed them silently and when we came to the shoulder of the ridge overlooking the Gray Whale Cove parking lot, I pulled up and watched them roll down to their car and high-five each other on a ride well done. I glowered down on them as an animal regarding its territory. And stay out, you hollies (sic).

Moss Beach County at sunset
Along the Gray Whale Trail
Gray Whale Cove

Back through McNee and into Moss Beach, I used a precision tuck to bomb down Sunshine Valley, eventually ending up back in the Fitz after dark.

Both sets of brakes were screeching bloody murder like a pair of mating archaeopteryx. I need to take some sandpaper to the pads. Also, I need to tighten my pedals; my feet keep slipping out on jumps, bunnyhops, and other technical maneuvers.

Saw a couple of skunks.


Mileage: 20.33 Time: 1:58:39 Avg: 10.2 Max: 32.5 Weight: 173

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