February 2004

If I can ever escape the curse of the Hoo-Koo-E Koo (isn't this the same curse that plagued the Bradys in Hawaii?), I might have a chance of getting a few good rides in this year. If not, I may have a good chance of getting my money's worth at Kaiser.

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February 29, 2004: Jimmy Carter anyone?
February 26, 2004: A serpentine plexus of enchanting singletrack
February 24, 2004: Der Zeppelin
February 21, 2004: A double Quarry
February 19, 2004: Doubting Thomas
February 18, 2004: Rained out
February 14, 2004 (extra): Sweep the Leg, Johnny! lands new rider
February 14, 2004: The shit
February 11, 2004: Bad mojo like a woodscrew muthah
February 10, 2004: Adrift in the cycling doldrums
February 8, 2004: It's gotta be the shoes!
February 7, 2004: The new rear triangle is here
February 3, 2004: Hoo-E trouble
February 2, 2004: Down goes the Lemurian! Down goes the Lemurian!
February 1, 2004: From bobcats to banana slugs

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