January 8, 2007: Cannonball, Coast to Coast


We're bad, we're nationwide.

Hot on the heels of my wildly lucrative national exposure in the Washington Post (scroll to bottom) two years ago, I have once again been hunted down by the paparazzi. This time it was the long arm and deep pockets of the Half Moon Bay Review.

HMB Review cover HMB Review cover quote
Cannonball not pictured
but quoted

Because of my pimpin' rep' as a conditioning consultant, ride guide, and technical hack, the Review wanted to pick my brain about local rides for the January edition of their Half Moon Bay Review Magazine.

I gave them McNee Ranch State Park and the Fitz, but held back some private reserve. You have to earn the hidden gems by discovering them, you can't just read about them in a magazine article or some half-baked blog.

I also mentioned the fact that the Coastside has great riding resources, but has yet to embrace the cycling culture or really develop one in situ. The local merchants and businesses really don't get it. If they were to check with marketers from the bicycle industry they would find that cyclists are a demographic gold mine. The Coastside is totally set up to be an ecotourism dream scene, with cycling, hiking, and watersports, but instead, the powers that be choose construction, development, progress.

Despite the prominence of yours truly, the Review article is a well written introduction to the Coastside cycling scene. The pictures are not of me. The writer wanted to photograph me for the piece, but as all who know me can attest, I've got a face made for blogging.


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