A legend unrecognized.  A sound unparalleled.  A force immutable.

This site tells the story of a band so cutting edge, so influential, and so loud that the international music industry, in conjunction with the world's most powerful intelligence agencies, prohibits the manufacture, sale, and/or distribution of any Liquid Tongue related music, merchandise or paraphernalia.*

They fear the REVOLUTION.

*For your own safety, do not discuss the Liquid Tongue with anybody.  Do not attempt to purchase Liquid Tongue music or artifacts or gather information on the band, especially on-line.  Such actions will automatically initiate a computerized FBI file listing you as a subversive and known associate of the Liquid Tongue.  This is a secure pirate site which allows brief unmonitored access to the Liquid Tongue message.  Do not stay on this page for more than 420 seconds or you will be traced!

The Liquid Tongue does not maintain any files or documents on its fans or supporters.  The Liquid Tongue is a vehicle of the people however, and as such, encourages the prominent display of its name and/or logos.  Celebrate the Liquid Tongue, but be careful.  Agents of the opposition are everywhere.

Last updated 03/02/03