Amalgamated TruthMaker Enterprises

"We got what you want"

Chairman, Amalgamated TruthMaker Enterprises. The idea guy.
TruthMaker TruthMaker President and CEO of Amalgamated TruthMaker Enterprises. Slick-talking, glad-handling, oily, greasy huckster for Amalgamated TruthMaker Enterprises. TruthMaker is the golden-tongued n'er-do-well who recently engineered a blockbuster acquisition negotiation of astounding financial proportions resulting in the recent, but not to recent as to imply shady dealing of any kind,  bilateral transferal of previously unsaid but now stated properties from heretofore unspecified former owners. Amalgamated TruthMaker Enterprises neither condones nor rejects unsound business practices before all the facts in a case, however seemingly inconsequential or even seemingly consequential, come to light and are determined to be irrelevant,  indeterminate, insupportable, and so forth and so on ad nauseum. Given this type of leadership and inspiration, it is no wonder that TruthMaker has helped make Amalgamated TruthMaker Enterprises what it is today.
Krusty Krusty
COO, Amalgamated TruthMaker Enterprises. Butt-kicking, nose-picking, hard-ass of a son-of-a-bitch pain-in-the-neck hatchet man. Krusty makes sure everybody is giving %110, 125% of the time, 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. Krusty earned millions for recently acquired Conglomerated Krusty International (CKI) by copyrighting the 25/8 slogan and parlaying that into the very successful Is That All You Got? Gimme 25/8! franchise, which included seminars, infomercials, and a decadent marketing blitz that single-handedly denuded half of northern Minnesota and bumped the paper goods stock index up 23% for FY 1989.
Walton Walton Official Press Secretary and Director of Preapproved Information Disbursement. Responsible for customer relations and personal bios.
Bosephus Bosephus Huffhines CTO, Amalgamated TruthMaker Enterprises. The bumbling half-wit son of CKI founder MacGarnigall Pete. Bosephus has chosen to remain with the company as CTO after trading his 57% stake to TruthMaker for 39 quarters and a handful of shiny rocks from the bottom of the corporate fish tank.
The Scot Elspeth the Scot Lead QA Engineer, Amalgamated TruthMaker Enterprises. Techie whiz responsible for cleaning up the "new application features" frequently introduced by Bosephus during his many unfortunate forays into CJ product codelines and server rooms.

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